Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

4.5 Stars

I really, REALLY enjoyed this book! There is a lot of hype and love for this book at the moment and I

am glad to say that it is well deserved.

Ready Player One is set in 2044 and it follows Wade Watts, a teenager in his final year of high school.

Poverty is rampant across the globe with the one escape being a computer game called OASIS. A

competition was issued upon the death of the creator of the OASIS, James Halliday; whoever

managed to solve a number of puzzles and clues (dubbed as Easter Eggs) hidden within the game

would win the rights to OASIS and the fortune Halliday had accumulated. Six years later, Wade Watts

makes his lucky break and the race to find and solve all of the Easter Eggs begins.

This is a well crafted story. You can feel the care, time and research that Ernest Cline put into his

debut novel. I felt a real connection with the main characters; they were relatable and I cared what

happened to Wade (a.k.a. Parzival) , Art3mis and Aech. The story was exciting; there was a good

balance between world building, action and character development. The main protagonist could

have been a bit more fleshed out, but I did find the clichéd villainous evil corporation, IOI, and it’s

front-man Sorrento a good machine to rage against. They fitted the story well. The main plot device

that Cline employed for this novel is pretty innovative, and it is the essential part of the competition.

The Easter Eggs that are left by James Halliday are all references to 80s pop culture, so in order to

solve the puzzles our characters need to be 1980s experts. It was a nerdy delight to continually read

about music, film, TV and video game that I loved, (and educational when I came across reference I

wasn’t so familiar with!)

Overall, this novel was a delight from start to finish. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys

science fiction, video games, or considers themselves a bit of a nerd.


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