Ms Marvel, Vol. 1. No Normal by G. Willow Wilson (Author), Adrian Alphona (Artist)

“…my name is Kamala Khan, and I’m here to take out the trash.”

This is a story about a teenager trying to figure out who she is. Raised as a practicing Muslim by her

strict and loving parents, Kamala Khan just wants to be a normal Jersey City teenager who fits in with

the cool kids at school. When she is exposed to Terrigen Mist she obtains a number of abilities.

These allow her to change her appearance, stretch, enlarge, and shrink her body, and heal rapidly.

With two identities to come to grips with, we follow Kamala as she figures out that being herself is

more important that fitting in, or being who everyone expects her to be. Only when she is true to

herself can she be the Ms Marvel she is destined to become.

I really like this comic book. The artwork, drawn by Adrian Alphona is beautiful and in places

stunning. There are panels in this comic that I would happily ‘embiggen’ and hang on my walls. The

story, written by G. Willow Wilson is quite good. Like most popular comic books, it has its own share

of stereotypes or tropes, but I don’t see this as a bad thing. They allow the writer to portray an idea

quickly and without much explanation.

There are two main elements of this story, Kamala’s teenage struggles and the creation of the new

Ms Marvel. We spend more time with Kamala the teenager than we do with Kamala as Ms Marvel.

This is what you would expect from an introductory volume, however I felt that readers would

benefit from a little more time with the superhero. A lot of time and care was spent crafting

Kamala’s interactions with her family and her life as a teenage Muslim growing up in Jersey City, but

I didn’t feel that the same care was given to Kamala coming to terms with her new superpowers or

the introduction of The Inventor, Ms Marvel’s bad guy.

I am definitely going to continue reading the series and look forward to following Kamala as she

attempts to be a normal teenager, a good daughter and a kickass superhero!


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